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Green Chili Beef Burgers (Raw)

Green Chili Beef Burgers (Raw)


2 uncooked Angus ground beef burgers mixed with roasted mild green chilies; 2 burgers per order (Please note: these burgers are sold without buns or toppings! Throw ‘em on the grill, on a fry pan or in the oven, add your favorite buns and fixings and enjoy.)


If possible, allow burgers to come to room temp.
Grill: grill over med. high heat, 4 min. per side until desired temp is reached. Stovetop: use non-stick or cast-iron pan for best results. Heat over med. high heat, 4-5 min. per side. Serve with your favorite buns and toppings.


Angus ground beed (salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, turbinado sugar, fire roasted green chillies)


Gluten Free Dairy Free Freezer Friendly

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