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Operations Assistant

- Customer service and spreadsheets come naturally


  • familiar using Mac OSX applications, primarily Numbers;
  • the kind of person who cleanly organizes the files on their computer :)
  • enjoy working independently in a task-oriented way, e.g. checking things off a diverse list of tasks;
  • adept at returning customer phone calls and replying to customer emails and texts in a friendly, professional and timely manner;
  • patient and calm with customer and/or delivery driver issues;
  • a good writer and ace proofreader - you can reliably write and edit small pieces of text and your grammar is excellent across all media;
  • comfortable wrangling data across multiple spreadsheets and a rigorous attention to detail comes naturally to you;
  • someone who is bothered by improper formatting in spreadsheets, lists, print materials, etc.

How to Apply

Email chris@thespicyradish.com with a few brief sentences about:

  • your experience
  • why you want to work with us
  • any specific questions (optional)

We will follow up with you directly.

Thank you!

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