Meal Directory

Meal Directory

This is a searchable index where you can find descriptions, instructions and ingredients for all of our menu items. For specific questions, please email us at

Three disclaimers:

1) Reheating times: Most of the reheating times described here are intentionally LOW, meaning you may need to add a little more time. We would rather you add a little more time than overcook or burn something. You can go forward but you can’t go back!

2) Microwave instructions: We don’t include microwave instructions, but you can certainly use your microwave to reheat most of our food. Why don’t we include microwave instructions? Microwaves have so many settings and buttons and so on, that if we said “heat for 1 minute on such and such setting” it could mean the food is boiling or still cold depending on the microwave. Also, microwaves are pretty forgiving - nuke something for a minute, check it, then add more time as necessary. You know your appliance, feel free to use it as you know best!

3) Lastly, please keep in mind we continuously make adjustments and improvements to our recipes. The descriptions, instructions and ingredients listed here are subject to change. If you have a specific question, email us!

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