About us

If anyone's ever asked you what's for dinner, you've come to the right place.

When chef Katie Kannen was commuting home late one night from her job as a private chef, she thought, I barely have time to make a meal for my own family. I’m the cobbler and my children have no shoes! If I love to cook and can’t always put a good meal on the table, what about other busy people? And so the Spicy Radish was born.

Back in 2012, the Radish started by offering a menu of prepared dinners to friends along with a request to "tell your friends". Well, those friends told their friends, who told their friends, and so on to the present day.

Spicy has grown with the hard work and talent of some tremendous people over the years. Here is who currently whips up all the deliciousness:

  • Liza Queen

    Liza is the head chef, the head honcho, responsible for keeping us all on track. She ran her own restaurant in Brooklyn and learned to cook literally around the world. (Learn how to brick a chicken with Liza!)

  • Katie Kannen

    Katie started the Radish with Chris when they moved to Denver from NYC in 2012, and now oversees the whole shebang. She trained at the French Culinary Institute and worked in restaurants, catering and as a private chef throughout the city and beyond. (Read a recent feature on Katie in Colorado Expression magazine!)

  • Chris Kannen

    Chris is responsible for helping customers, putting together our delivery system and writing everything on this website. (Did you know Chris is an artist? See his artwork here!)

  • Alyssa

    A little bit about our office manager Alyssa... is coming soon :)

  • Tatiana

    A little bit about Tatiana... is coming soon :)

  • Jesse

    A little bit about our sous chef Jesse... is coming soon :)

  • Sean

    A little bit about our sous chef Sean... is coming soon :)

  • Chris P

    A little bit about Chris P... is coming soon :)

  • Our A+ prep team

    A little bit about our A+ prep team... is coming soon :)