Fiber containers

Fiber containers can go directly in the oven or microwave for reheating. They are oven safe to approximately 400 degrees. Note: they may burn if in close proximity to the heating element. The middle rack of a standard oven is best.

If you compost: the fiber containers are compostable. If you have commercial or municipal composting available (e.g. the “green bin” in Denver), the containers go directly into this kind of compost system along with any food. If you compost at home, they can go into your compost pile or system so long as they are without meat or dairy.

If you do not compost: the fiber containers go in the trash. They are not recyclable! They are made from plant fibers not compatible with standard mixed paper recycling.

Plastic containers

Do not put these in the oven! They will melt. Remove the contents of the plastic container and heat them in an oven-safe or stovetop-safe pan or tray.

Microwave: These containers are marketed as microwave-safe. They are plastic #5, polypropylene (PP). PP is more stable at high temperatures than other plastics and many people microwave these. Personally, we avoid heating any plastic that is in contact with food. If in doubt, we recommend following the reheating advice above.

If you recycle: All of these containers can be recycled in commercial or municipal recycling systems if you follow one rule - plastics need to be reasonably clean to be recycled. If a container is oily and not easily rinsed clean, you could wash it with your other dishes in the dishwasher then recycle it. Otherwise, put the oily container in the trash.

If you don’t recycle: Wash and reuse the containers. Otherwise, put them in the trash.


Are you interested in reusable containers? So are we! We are considering a pilot program using reusable containers in 2023. If you would like to learn more, or want to participate in the program as we determine its viability, email Chris at