Our food philosophy

We believe in eating a variety of foods made from scratch using whole ingredients. We make our food to travel well, hold up in your fridge and taste good. If you make your own food most of the time, and maybe go out once or twice a week, our intention is to fit somewhere in the middle, to help round out your weekly schedule and well-being.


We recommend eating our meals before Thursday, regardless of delivery day. All meal components should go in the fridge. Even desserts and bread products will stay fresher longer when refrigerated.


If an item freezes well, we mark it as Freezer Friendly on the website. To freeze something, wrap the container in a layer or two of plastic wrap and/or foil before putting it in the freezer. (Our round plastic containers are leakproof and airtight and do not require wrapping.)

To reheat from frozen, pull the wrapped container(s) from the freezer and put it in the fridge to thaw. This can take awhile, plan accordingly! Then follow the instructions on the label for reheating.

Special requests & allergens

IMPORTANT: we are unable to make adjustments to the recipes, or substitute or omit ingredients or dish components.

(We had a little more flexibility with this in the past, but going forward it is too challenging for us to get these kind of requests right each time. If you have questions about ingredients, or how anything is portioned and packaged, please email us before placing an order.)

Our meals are made in a kitchen that uses eggs, milk, wheat, sesame, nuts and other possible allergens. If you have a serious allergy or question about our ingredients, please email us before placing an order.


Our ingredients are sourced from local and regional distributors. Ingredients are sometimes sourced locally, but also come from far and wide depending on the season, harvest, cost, and other factors.

Of note, we serve beef and chicken that are called “Never Ever,” which means animals have never been given hormones or antibiotics.


We welcome your feedback. We're a small company making food by hand, so please accept some variation week to week and month to month. That said, we strive for quality and consistency and always want to hear from you, positive or negative. Please get in touch with any comments, questions or issues.

If you have a great experience, consider leaving us a rating or review on Google. It helps other people find us and trust us.