Buffalo Chicken Tacos

Buffalo Chicken Tacos

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Shredded chicken with buffalo-style sauce, topped with carrots, celery and blue cheese dressing, served with flour tortillas (6 per order) and elote salad - corn roasted with cumin and paprika, topped with cotija cheese and cilantro lime dressing

1 order = 2 servings


Allow chicken to come to room temp. Heat chicken in a sauté pan on stovetop with 1-2 tbsp. of water and a little buffalo sauce. Wrap tortillas in foil, heat at 350 for 5-10 min. until warm. Assemble tacos with buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing, carrots and celery. Elote salad: Heat corn in a sauté pan on stovetop with 1-2 tbsp. of water until warm. Toss with cilantro lime dressing to taste and top with cotija cheese.


Chicken, buffalo sauce (Frank's Red Hot sauce, butter), blue cheese dressing (blue cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, buttermilk, lemon juice, parsley, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper), carrots, celery, elote (corn, cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, chipotle, salt, pepper, oil), cilantro dressing (lime juice, cilantro, jalapeño, Greek yogurt, sour cream, honey, oil, salt, pepper), cotija cheese, flour tortillas

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