Miso Coconut Salmon with Spinach & Fresh Herbs

Miso Coconut Salmon with Spinach & Fresh Herbs

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***NEW*** Roasted salmon marinated with basil and cilantro, served in a toasted miso coconut sauce with spinach and onion over white rice and toasted sesame seeds
  • Pescatarian Pescatarian
1 order = 2 servings


Salmon: allow salmon to come to room temp. Preheat oven to 350. Place salmon on foil-lined baking sheet. Heat 5-10 min. or until warm to the touch. Check salmon after 5 min. Serve with miso curry sauce. Rice: TBD


Salmon, red onion, ginger, onion, miso, coconut milk, baby spinach, lime juice, basil, cilantro, blended oil, long grain white rice, toasted sesame seeds

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