Walnut Rosemary Chicken

Walnut Rosemary Chicken

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Chicken baked in a walnut rosemary and parmesan crust served with our classic homemade stuffing and a light chicken jus
1 order = 2 servings


Allow chicken and stuffing to come to room temp. Heat oven to 375. Stuffing: remove plastic lid and cover with foil. Heat for 15 min, remove foil and heat additional 15 min. until warmed through and top is slightly crispy. Chicken: for best results transfer to foil lined sheet pan and heat for 15 min. Jus: heat on stovetop over low heat for 5 min, serve with stuffing and chicken.


Chicken (buttermilk, dijon, egg, kosher salt, black pepper, panko, walnut, parmesan, rosemary) jus (chicken thigh, chicken base, bay leaves, thyme, peppercorns, onion, celery, carrot, white wine, cornstarch, kosher salt, black pepper), stuffing (ciabatta, onion, celery, butter, sage, fennel seed, poultry seasoning, cayenne, kosher salt, black pepper, whole milk)

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